All Season Floor Mats … gotta love ‘em!

January 28th, 2013 by

It’s winter in Indiana, and like it or not, you’re probably tracking all sorts of slush and grime into your car.

The good news? Honda’s All Season Floor Mats go a long way toward protecting your car’s interior. Their unique, functional design helps trap dirt, sand, mud and water.

When it’s time to clean your floor mats, simply follow this routine:

· Vacuum loose dirt and sand BEFORE you remove the mats from your vehicle.

· Remove the floor mats and hose them off. The pressure from a hose can help dislodge caked-on dirt and mud.

· Finally, use mild detergent and a soft cloth to remove any remaining dirt and debris.

Need a set for your vehicle? (Smart move!) Head over to the Honda parts and accessories e-store now!