Beware of fog!

September 21st, 2012 by

There’s no question that dense fog can make for a tricky morning commute.

Fog, which reduces visibility, also creates the illusion that you’re driving in slow motion — even if you’re traveling at a normal or high rate of speed.

When driving in fog, it’s important to play it safe. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Use low-beam headlights. Using your “brights” or high-beam lights can actually make it harder to see. That’s because high-beam lights reflect back off the fog, further decreasing visibility.
  • Slow down! You may feel like you have your speed under control, but it’s hard to tell when you’re driving in fog. Check your speedometer often!
  • Listen up! If you’re having a hard time seeing other cars, remember that other drivers may have a hard time seeing you. It’s important to use your other senses. Turn off the radio and consider opening your a window a crack so you can hear approaching vehicles.
  • Can’t see road signs or lane markers? Use the right edge of the road as a guide — it’s a much safer bet than the center line.
  • Keep your windows clear. Use your wipers and window defrost to make sure you’re not further limiting your visibility.
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