Bugs, be gone!

July 5th, 2010 by

Planning to hit the road this summer? Don’t be surprised if you find plenty of bugs splattered across your windshield and car.

Yes, it’s gross – but you can fix the problem fairly easily. To clean your windshield, use a good quality window cleaner and get scrubbin’! To spiff up the rest of your car, you’ll simply want to hose it off fairly regularly. Pay special attention to the front of the vehicle where the majority of bugs tend to accumulate, and repeat this step as often as you can. (Hint: if you do a lot of driving, you won’t want several weeks’ worth of bugs to build up.)

In the meantime, remind yourself that dirty windshields are a small price to pay for a relatively hassle-free driving season. Come winter, those pesky little bugs may not seem so bad after all!