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June 30th, 2010 by

To the Don Ayres team:

We are writing to say thank you for the great service and response time we had on our 2003 Envoy. We are from Illinois, and we were attending a conference in Woodburn, Ind., when we discovered some problems with our automobile.

Our son lives in Woodburn and he told us to take our Envoy to your dealership. Since we were only going to be in town for one day, we took the vehicle to you, and your service department met us with kindness and a quick response. They said they could certainly look and the car and see if they could fix the problem.

Within a couple of hours, we received a phone call letting us know that it was probably the ignition switch. We were also told that our extended warranty would cover the part; our payment would only be $100.

Later, we were told that when the switch was removed, it appeared to be in good shape. Your service team test-drove the car but couldn’t find anything else that was wrong. When we went to pick up the car, there was no charge. The car was running well, and we made it home with no problems.

We cannot say thank you enough. When you are out of town, it is frightening to have your vehicle not work properly.

The way we were treated was such a pleasure, and the promptness of working on our car was so appreciated. Please thank all who had a part in this; it is great to know there are very special people who really care about their customers.

The Tucker Family

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