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July 28th, 2010 by

This letter, although not terribly recent, is one of our favorites. We’re so grateful to our wonderful customers who take the time to write in and tell us when things go well! We love hearing from you!

To Whom It May Concern:

On the Friday evening after Thanksgiving, part of my transmission went out on my Envoy XL. My family and I (we are from Minnesota) were in Fort Wayne visiting relatives for the holiday. On Saturday morning, I nursed the vehicle into Don Ayres and explained the problem to Kevin Cappelli. Kevin got the car into service right away. Unfortunately, he later informed me that it would take major work that could not be completed until at least Monday. Knowing we needed to get back to Minnesota, Kevin arranged for a rental car for us. He then followed up with me on Monday morning exactly like he said he would. He said my car would be fixed by Tuesday at noon. I rearranged my schedule and drove back to Fort Wayne on Monday night. On Tuesday, my car was ready as promised – and it actually cost less than quoted! Kevin was very professional and helpful throughout this very difficult ordeal. We very much appreciate the service we received at your dealership.


Edina, Minnesota

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