Customer Mailbox

October 6th, 2010 by

Our general manager, John Dullaghan, received the following letter recently from a satisfied customer.

Mr. Dullaghan:

I received your thank you letter for my purchase of a Honda Odyssey in yesterday’s mail. I also received a thank you letter from our salesman, Clayton Carter. The letters were welcomed.

Several things happened at your dealership to help us make up our mind on our purchase. Our salesman was very professional. He knew his product very well, going over the Odyssey in detail prior to the purchase and again at delivery. We are proud to call him our son. You also have two very professional managers at your dealership, Rick Squires and Shannon Heitkamp. They were both very helpful.

We got to know several of the sales personnel while we were there and found them to be very friendly. You have a fine family of people at your dealership.

Any questionnaires or surveys we receive from Honda will be answered. You can rest assured that you and your family will get an A+ rating from this family.

Very truly yours,
Clayton L. Carter

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