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April 15th, 2011 by

As always, we love to hear from our satisfied customers. Thanks to all who take the time to keep in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, email and good ‘ole fashioned snail mail! Keep those letters coming! (We particularly enjoyed this letter sent recently to general manager John Dullaghan.)


This morning I had a unique opportunity to compare Don Ayres Honda with another local dealership.

I took our 1999 Honda CRV (170,000 miles) in to Don Ayres for a $12.95 oil change. The shuttle had just left so I went into the lounge and had a cup of mediocre coffee. After a few minutes, a friendly young Don Ayres employee came in, told me the shuttle wasn’t going to be back for 20 minutes and offered me a ride. I was somewhat embarrassed to tell him that I needed a ride to another dealership. We had a pleasant ride in a 2011 Accord. He apologized for the car being cold.

At the other dealership, I was told that the $34.95 oil change on our 2001 Beetle (135,000 miles) was done but that the transmission was shot and that a new transmission would cost $4,000+. The service advisor had no explanation as to why they went ahead and did the oil change, however, I was offered a fresh cup of Starbucks coffee.

I say keep selling great cars and providing great service. Screw the coffee.


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