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April 20th, 2012 by

As always, we love to hear from our satisfied customers. Thanks to Theresa, who recently wrote to tell us about a positive sales experience. Thanks also to everyone who takes the time to keep in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, email and good ‘ole fashioned snail mail! Keep those letters coming!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service experience I had with Don Ayres Honda. From the time I walked into your dealership until the time I drove my new Honda Civic off the lot, your staff was nothing but friendly and professional. I was very pleased with the entire experience.

Your salesman Shannon Hoover was very helpful, and he made me feel comfortable with the entire process. He was very knowledgeable about vehicles and mileage consumption rates — and he answered all of my questions patiently. The entire process went very smoothly and I did not feel pressured in any way. Mr. Hoover was very attentive to my needs and paid attention to what it was that I was looking for in a vehicle. Please forward this to his manager and to him as well, because I would like him to be recognized for his good work.

Buying a vehicle was not just a walk in the park for me and I took it very seriously. I had been married for almost 20 years, was now divorced and buying a vehicle was not something I had done before. I was extremely nervous and did not know what to expect. My friends had filled my head with horror stories of salesman taking advantage of people, especially women. I was advised not to go by myself, but I did because I felt like it was something I needed to “conquer” on my own.

I knew I wanted a Honda because I drove a Honda Civic many years ago and was very pleased with it. It had tremendous gas mileage and rarely broke down. I did a lot of research on Hondas and other vehicles as well prior to buying a car with your dealership. In my heart, however, I knew I wanted a Honda. Actually, the Civic we owned was a family car, as it was passed down from my mother-in-law to my husband and I and then to my brother. Between all of us, we drove the Civic more than 20 years, and it was an excellent car.

I have been so happy with my new Honda Civic! It is a very nice vehicle — clean, safe and great on gas. The first time I filled it up, I only spent $33, and I almost fell over at the pump with a heart attack! I’m kidding, of course, but that one tank of gas lasted me nearly two weeks! I was spending about $140 a week before in gas with my Jeep. The savings on gas alone almost covers my new car payment. I think this is amazing! I even took it out in the snow and ice and it did great! I didn’t slide around and I felt very safe and secure. I feel so confident driving it around town and I no longer have to worry about my daughter and I getting stranded on the side of the road anymore and I have peace of mind.

Thank you so much! You have made me one happy lady!

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