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July 30th, 2012 by

As always, we love to hear from our satisfied customers. Thanks to Mark, who recently sent this letter after a positive car-buying experience. Thanks also to everyone who takes the time to keep in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, email and good ‘ole fashioned snail mail! Keep those letters coming!

Dear Sir,

I want to send my compliments on your well-trained staff. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to Brian Bicknese and Jami Langham.

I visited your dealership twice during the month of May 2012 looking for a Certified Used Honda Accord. Brian greeted me soon after arriving and acted as my sales consultant.

Brian did a great job, always respectful and polite. He worked very hard to find what I wanted and in helping with the price negotiations. He has a good understanding of the vehicles and did a nice job demonstrating the features.

Jami was the business manager that helped complete the transaction. She was efficient and professional. I was able to quickly complete the required paperwork for the sale. She did a good job explaining what we were doing and what all the signatures were for. I never felt uncomfortable or pressured and understood exactly what we were doing.

My experience at your dealership was among the best I have had while buying a car. I know how difficult this process can be for dealership personnel, having worked in car sales for a number of years in the past. I also know how difficult I can be when working through the sale. It can be hard to remain professional and courteous. Both members of your staff that helped me were among the best I’ve ever dealt with. The pricing was clearly marked and I feel I received a fair price for my trade-in. The cars I looked at were clean and well-serviced.

I think you have an excellent salesman in Brian and an excellent business manager in Jami.

Based on my car-buying experience at Don Ayres Honda, I can safely say that I will be coming back to visit you again and will happily refer other people to you. Please forward a copy of this letter to Brian and Jami.

Thank you again. I love my Honda, and I love my Honda dealership.


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