Frozen locks and windows?

January 6th, 2014 by

Below-freezing temps can cause ice to build up on car doors and windows. Here are a few tips for getting unstuck:

Frozen locks:

  • Try another door. (You may get lucky!)
  • Spray a little WD-40 into the lock. (Fact: WD stands for ‘’water displacement, so it is an effective way to displace ice)
  • Use an aerosol de-icer, available at many hardware and automotive stores.
  • Smear a little hand sanitizer on your key and gently work it into the lock. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer may do the trick.

Frozen Power Windows:

  • Don’t force the window – you could damage your weather strip.
  • Turn on your car. As it warms up, ice around your window should begin to melt.
  • Insert a credit card or plastic comb between the glass and weather strip, and gently chip away icy buildup.