Hands-free calls: driver must speak first

September 30th, 2009 by

Do you drive a 2008 Accord, 2009 Accord or a 2009 Pilot with a navigation system? 

If so, you’re probably already familiar with your vehicle’s uncanny ability to respond to your voice. In fact, a ceiling console with side-by-side microphones makes it possible to place calls with the HandsFreeLink® or use voice commands in conjunction with your built-in navigation system.

But what happens when a passenger tries to initiate a hands-free call? Well, it probably won’t work.

The system filters out competing noise, which means it only recognizes commands coming from the driver. All other voices are ignored – at least until a call is established. At that point, the microphone assembly adjusts automatically, making it possible for other passengers to participate in the call.

If you think your car’s voice command recognition feature may not be working properly, simply make sure the driver is the one who speaks first. Then, if you are still having problems, give us a call! We’re here to help!

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