Honda Owner Link keeps you organized

October 12th, 2009 by

When you purchase a new car, you usually leave the dealership with a lot more than a new set of keys. You probably have a mountain of important paperwork in hand, and keeping it all straight is no small feat! 

Honda Owner Link® is a car owner’s dream. It’s the perfect way to keep track of virtually every detail related to your new vehicle. Simply create an account and register your vehicle. After that, caring for your vehicle and keeping track of maintenance is a breeze. You can:

• Track service and maintenance visits with the Service Records feature
• Schedule service appointments with your dealer (that’s us!)
• Save time by printing and completing a Service Visit Prep Form before you have your car serviced
• Monitor safety recalls
• Retrieve your radio code if it has been disabled
• Download a complete copy of your warranty booklet
• Shop for parts and accessories

Check it out today. You’ll never lose track of those important details again!

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