Know anyone who needs a new car?

September 14th, 2009 by

Great news: it could mean some extra cash in YOUR pocket. All you have to do is register for our Bird Dog Club (simply click on the Bird Dog link at our Web site, Then, let the fun begin!

Tell all your friends and family to hurry over to Don Ayres. If they buy a car, you get paid! (Sweet deal, isn’t it?) Here’s what you can earn for referrals during each calendar year (January to December):

  • 1st bird — $100
  • 2nd bird — $100
  • 3rd bird — $100
  • 4th bird — $150
  • 5th bird — $150
  • 6th bird — $150
  • 7th bird — $200
  • 8th bird — $200
  • 9th bird — $200
  • 10th bird — $250
  • Each additional bird — $250

Just two or three referrals a month could really add up! Click here to get the inside scoop, read our official rules and become the newest member of the Bird Dog Club.

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