Lost keys? Make sure you have a plan.

May 23rd, 2011 by

No matter how careful you think you are, it’s fairly easy to lose your keys. Without thinking, you can lock them in your car or trunk, lose them while you are out shopping or leave them in your wife’s purse (or husbands’ jacket pocket, as the case may be). The result is the same – you’re stuck!

Calling a locksmith is not cheap. Here, we’ve come up with a few other options that may help you spare the expense (and minimize your frustration to boot!):

  • Keep a spare car key in your wallet
  • Stash a spare in your house, as well.
  • Consider storing a spare key in a magnetic case underneath your car. (Keep in mind that these key cases are not foolproof. They can fall off, or worse, entice someone to steal your vehicle).
  • Clean an area under your car and use duct tape to attach a spare.
  • Finally, program the number of a trusty emergency roadside service or tow company into your cell phone.

Also, remember that many newer vehicles require electronic keys to start the ignition. A regular spare made at your local hardware store will only get you in the driver’s side door. If this is the case, consider keeping a spare ignition key somewhere inside your car, as well.