Customer Mailbox

July 18th, 2012 by

As always, we love to hear from our satisfied customers. A special thank you to Laura, who recently sent this letter recognizing Shawn Baney, one of our dedicated sales consultants.  Thanks also to everyone who takes the time to keep in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, email and good ‘ole fashioned snail mail! Keep those letters coming!

Dear Ms. Ayres,

My son and I recently took possession of a 2012 Honda Accord V-6 coupe. This was the culmination of approximately six weeks of trying to determine what exactly my son wanted and then locating such a vehicle. Through this entire process, Shawn Baney was there to help in any way possible. He was patient, informative and tolerant of us and the many changes we made throughout our search for the perfect vehicle. Shawn continued to communicate with us in person, by phone, and through the internet. This was very helpful, since my son lives in Indianapolis. He was also able to meet our deadline, which was amazing due to the fact that the desired vehicle was not on your new car lot.

I hope you realize how valuable and positive a sales representative you have in Shawn Baney. We have been/will be sharing his name with anyone wanting to purchase a vehicle.


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