Road Trip Games and Tips

July 1st, 2011 by

Summer travel season is upon us, and Don Ayres Honda wants to make 2011 your best year yet! Join us each Friday as we provide fun tips for anyone planning to head out on a fabulous summer adventure. We’ll share travel trivia, boredom busters and super songs. (Go ahead … crank up the radio and sing to your heart’s content!) Here’s to a great ride!

When you’re on a road trip, munchies are a must! But how do you keep the nibbling under control? Here, we’ve come up with several tips for surviving the inevitable snack attack!

  • Pack a meal or two. Fast food can get old quickly. Do yourself a favor and pack a cooler with sandwiches, pretzels and fruit. Other quick and easy snacks include baggies of carrots and celery, trail mix, string cheese and crackers. (Just think of all the money you’ll save, too!)
  • Don’t overdo the drinks. This is especially important for kids, but any overzealous sipper is bound to need plenty of potty breaks. A good rule of thumb – drink only water in the car. You’re less likely to go overboard, it’s healthy and it won’t break the bank! (Fill up water bottles before you leave to save even more.)
  • Have fun! It’s a road trip, so be sure to pack some treats, too. Kids will enjoy munching on a few things that mom and dad don’t usually buy at home. Licorice, yogurt-covered raisins and other non-sticky snacks are always a good bet in the car.
  •  Clean up as you go. Pack a few empty grocery snacks so you can collect trash along the way. Also, be sure to pack plenty of tissues, wet wipes and hand-sanitizer. 
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