Road Trip Games and Tips

July 15th, 2011 by

Summer travel season is upon us, and Don Ayres Honda wants to make 2011 your best year yet! Join us each Friday as we provide fun tips for anyone planning to head out on a fabulous summer adventure. We’ll share travel trivia, boredom busters and super songs. (Go ahead … crank up the radio and sing to your heart’s content!) Here’s to a great ride!

Don’t wait until you reach your travel destination to start having fun … plan a photo scavenger hunt, and enjoy every step of your journey! To play, make sure everyone in your vehicle has a camera before you hit the road. (Single-use cameras are a quick, inexpensive way for everyone – even kids – to play along.) Here are two variations of fun photo scavenger hunts:

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt
In this version, each person aims to take a picture of something that begins with each letter of the alphabet – in order! You might snap a shot or two each time you stop at a gas station or a restaurant. Decide ahead of time how you’ll handle tough letters, like Q and X.

Traditional Photo Scavenger Hunt
Before you leave, make a list of pre-determined things that each person needs to capture on film. Some examples: a school bus, a horse and buggy, an old church, a schoolhouse or a road sign in another language. Be creative, and incorporate things that may be specific to the states you’ll be visiting.

When you return home, develop all the pictures and tuck them inside a mini photo album. (You might even choose to make one photo album for each person in your group.) Everyone will love flipping through the pages and remembering all the fun you had on your journey!

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