Road Trips Games and Tips

June 10th, 2011 by

Summer travel season is upon us, and Don Ayres Honda wants to make 2011 your best year yet! Join us each Friday as we provide fun tips for anyone planning to head out on a fabulous summer adventure. We’ll share travel trivia, boredom busters and super songs. (Go ahead … crank up the radio and sing to your heart’s content!) Here’s to a great ride!

The Great American Family Vacation: It’s bound to be chock-full of fun and memorable moments, but for young travelers, the “getting there” part can be grueling. Little ones can’t really grasp the concept of time, and in their uncertainty, they’re sure to fire off that age-old question: “Are we there yet?”

Help kids understand the time involved in your journey with these fun travel tips:

  • Create a travel timeline. Hang a piece of string across the inside of your car, and use clothespins to clip the names of major landmarks or cities along the way. This will help kids visualize exactly where you are.
  • Teach kids to read a map. Use Google Maps or Mapquest to print driving directions for each child. They can follow along as you make your way to your destination.
  • Play the 100s game. If you’re on a fairly long road trip, tell your kids how many hundreds of miles you plan to travel. If you’re going 500 miles, for example, give each child a small treat or prize every time you reach the next 100-mile landmark. (Going on a shorter trip? Offer prizes or treats at the 50-mile markers instead.)
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