Safety tip: Beware of broken lights!

March 29th, 2010 by

Your car’s headlights, tail lights and brake lights will undoubtedly go out from time to time, but don’t drag your feet about getting them fixed! Driving without the proper automobile lights is a safety hazard, and to be frank, it’s against the law. In fact, if you think of your vehicle’s lights as an important communication tool, it’s a little bit easier to see just how important they really are.

Check your lights periodically. Simply have someone start your car, then take a quick stroll around the vehicle to make sure all of the lights are illuminated. (Don’t forget to have the person in the car step on the brake pedal to make sure those lights are in working order, too.)

If any of the lights are out, replace them immediately. You can buy replacement bulbs at an automobile store and make the repairs yourself, or you can ask your friendly neighborhood dealer (that’s us) to tackle the job for you. As always, we’d be glad to help! Click here to schedule an appointment!