Spring clean your car’s interior

March 13th, 2012 by

Warmer temps, budding bulbs and chirping birds? Yes, spring is definitely in the air! (It’s glorious, isn’t it?)

While you’re outside enjoying the springtime sun, take a few minutes to breathe some life into the INSIDE of your car. (Let’s face it: winter weather can take its toll, inside and out! It’s time for a fresh start!)

Step 1 — Say “so long” to trash and clutter. It’s amazing how much stuff can accumulate on the floor, in seat pockets and even atop empty seats. Start by removing anything that doesn’t belong in your car. French fry wrappers, be gone!

Step 2 — Remove floor mats and give them a good scrub. A little soap and water will make a world of difference!

Step 3 — Dust your dashboard. A damp cloth ought to do the trick, but if you need to tackle some hard-to-reach places, grab an old toothbrush or a few Q-tips and work your magic!

Step 4 — Vacuum everything! That’s right … whip out the attachments on your vacuum and launch a full-fledged attack against anything and everything that is tucked away in your car’s nooks and crannies. If you don’t have a shop vac or a portable vacuum at home, swing by a self-serve car wash.

Step 5 — Declare that no one will eat in your car ever again. (We’re going to hold you to that — at least until lunchtime rolls around!)