The heat is on: How outdoor temperature affects tire pressure

July 21st, 2013 by

Baby, it’s HOT outside – which means you really need to take a few minutes and check the air pressure in your tires.

Here’s why: For every 10-degree change in air temperature outside, your tire pressure can change by about 1 pound per square inch. (Remember … air is a gas, so it expands when hot and contracts when cool.)

When your tire pressure is too high or too low, you’ll likely see a decrease in performance from your vehicle, but a simple monthly check can keep your car in tip-top shape (check your owner’s manual for specific tire-pressure guidelines).

Filling your tires with nitrogen is another alternative – but it’s still important to check your tire pressure regularly. (Nitrogen is a gas, too, after all.) Contact our service department to inquire about the benefits of nitrogen-filled tires.


Need to know the recommended tire pressure for YOUR vehicle? Check your owner’s manual for specific guidelines.