The scoop on snow tires

November 10th, 2010 by

A lot of drivers wonder if it makes sense to use snow tires during the winter months, and to be honest, it’s really a matter of personal preference.

In Indiana, winter weather can vary greatly. Some years we seem to get walloped (in other words, shoveling becomes a daily pastime). Other years, we don’t get enough snow to build a single snowman.

Since we don’t have a crystal ball at our disposal (wouldn’t that be nice?), we’ll share a few helpful tidbits so you can make an educated decision.

  • Winter tires provide extra traction, which means you’ll have better control when you drive through unplowed snow or make your way across icy roadways.
  • Special rubber compounds and tread designs on snow tires reduce snow buildup.
  • Drivers who don’t opt to use snow tires may find that they’re OK without them. Just remember that you’ll need to be extra careful when you head out in wintery conditions. If not, you could spin out when you hit an icy spot.