Time for a change? (An air filter change, that is)

April 21st, 2014 by

If it’s been awhile since you changed your car’s air filter, listen up. Dust, dirt and grime accumulate faster than you may think – and a dirty air filter can’t do its thing.

Simply put, your car’s engine requires a steady flow of clean air. When you allow contaminated air to cycle into your engine, you car won’t perform as efficiently as it should.

So, how often should you plan a swap?

Well, that’s where things get tricky. There are a lot of variables, but where you drive is among the biggest considerations. If you cruise into work on an interstate every day, you may be in better shape than someone who lives on a gravel road in the country, for example.

While there’s no hard and fast rule, it’s reasonable to replace an air filter at every other oil change – but be sure to pay attention. You may be able to adjust your schedule depending on your specific driving patterns. And, rest assured, if you get your oil changed here at Don Ayres Honda, our service technicians will check to make sure your air filters are in good shape.