What’s in your glove compartment?

October 24th, 2011 by

If you’re like most of us, you stash all sorts of odds and ends in this handy hideaway, including important automotive paperwork, sunglasses and leftover fast food straws. (Hey – you never know when you’re going to hit a drive-through, only to realize AFTER you drive away that you have no straw in your bag!)

What do you really need in your glove compartment, and what can you do without?

  • YES — Proof of insurance. In many states, this is required by law.
  • NO — Car title. If a thief drives off with your vehicle, it would be pretty easy for him to sell the car or transfer ownership.
  • YES — Critical medical information. In the event of an accident, emergency responders may be on the lookout for information about medications and/or allergies.
  • MAYBE — Vehicle registration. Some people argue that storing this document in your glove box makes things too easy for thieves. On the other hand, you’ll need your vehicle registration if you happen to be in a car accident or if you get pulled over by the police. One option: Stash your vehicle registration in a less obvious location, like under the front seat (but DO have it in your vehicle).
  • YES —  Owner’s manual and maintenance schedule. (Strange light flickering on your dashboard? No problem … you can look it up!
  • MAYBE — Wet wipes or hand sanitizer. These come in handy after visiting a supermarket or gas station.
  • MAYBE — Plastic grocery bags. These are great for collecting trash.